The southeast managed to get through a severe storm system yesterday and is now looking at another one coming down the barrel.

Yesterday's storm also brought tornado warnings to the southeast, and one even may have touched down.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Danielle Desjardins says that they'll have to do some more research to confirm whether or not there really was a tornado.

"A possible tornado, I believed that occured near Ceylin Saskatchewan, I believe that's west of Radville. It's not confirmed as of yet, but we did receive pictures that look like it could be a tornado, so today we'll be working on confirming whether or not that indeed was a tornado that occured."

While the extreme temperatures that the area boiled through over the weekend are gone, the change in temperature is also bringing along a few more storms.

Desjardins says there's a possibility those will become severe.

"Now these storms, the main threat looks like it could be heavy downpours and gusty winds, and maybe some hail as well. There is a risk that these will become severe as well. The main threat would be the gusty winds and heavy downpours that we'd see from these storms."

Once those pass through and the skies are clear, temperatures are supposed to keep going down.

More importantly, conditions are being forecast to dry out, which will also lower humidity and keep those skies clear.

"looks like for the next week or so, it's going to be quite a bit drier. Sometimes when you get enough humidity, there's a small chance that you could see a risk of a thunderstorm, but right now there's a pretty low chance. It looks a little bit drier, and should stay sunny for the whole week."