Alissa Goudy, a Stoughton-based author, will be gracing the Estevan Public Library with a reading from her heartwarming book, "Just Two More Minutes Please," on Monday, September 11th, at 10:30 AM. In a recent interview on Rock 106, Goudy shared insights into her journey as an author and the inspiration behind her works.

Goudy's path to becoming an author was serendipitous. During a morning coffee ritual, she penned a journal entry about a memorable adventure with her son. This entry unexpectedly led to the creation of her book, which she shared with a friend, ultimately leading to its publication.

"Just Two More Minutes Please" draws its inspiration from a poignant moment with her son, Landon, at the park. "I remember the kids had just gone back to school after summer break, and Landon was missing them," explained Goudy. "As our adventure was ending, I started to feel the weight of the list of tasks that I had to complete. As I wanted to get ready to head back to the house, I remember his little round face and his two little fingers in the air as he was asking me for ‘just two more minutes’. After pausing for a few seconds, I had then realized - it just completely clicked with me, that these are the moments, these moments right now, are what truly matter the most, and these little faces will grow, and one day I will be pleading for just two more minutes of their time."

Goudy also shared details about her upcoming book, "Little Hands," set to release in November. This book holds special significance, as it revolves around her son Regan's deep bond with baseball and his dad Kevin. "During Kev’s cancer journey, Regan sacrificed so much, and one of his personal choices was to put his dreams of playing ball on hold until Kevin was cleared cancer-free. He even selflessly waited to play until after his sister's spinal fusion," Goudy revealed during the interview. "Reagan's dream finally came true this past year when he tried out for the AAA U-13 Beavers team for Weyburn. His dream was to one day stand on the mound, just like his dad, and have him there watching him healthy."

Goudy's dedication to sharing meaningful stories doesn't stop there. "The books I write, they all hold a very special message and meaning," she emphasized. "I also have recently submitted Caitie's story, which will follow Regan's, as I’m making a miniseries. Her story will discuss her journey through scoliosis. And my goal with her story is to bring hope and awareness to others who face similar challenges. I want them to know that there's value and self-worth is more than a diagnosis and it doesn't have to define who they are."

To find Alissa Goudy's work, her books can be purchased directly from her or at the Prairie Pantry Coffee Shop in Stoughton. Additionally, she maintains an active presence on social media through her pages "Just Two More Minutes Please" on Facebook and Instagram. Soon, a dedicated website will offer online book purchases and updates on her ongoing projects.

Don't miss the opportunity to connect with this talented local author. Join Alissa Goudy at the Estevan Public Library on Monday, September 11th, at 10:30 AM, as she shares the magic of "Just Two More Minutes Please" with readers of all ages.

For those interested in hearing more about Goudy's journey and insights, the full interview can be found at the bottom of this page.

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