Local towns are preparing for the new year, as new projects are cropping up and priorities are being set.

That includes the town of Stoughton, which is looking to raise some money for one of its projects, while also having enough to spend on maintenance.

Mayor Clarence Hoffort explains some of their plans as they head into the new year.

"We applied for a grant, which we really hoped we'd get, to replace the water lines from the wells, which is about 5 miles north of Stoughton into town. We applied for a grant there, it's a very extensive project. We're hoping to get a grant for that, hopefully, it comes through in 2023."

As well, the town has been holding interviews to fill a position that could help out volunteers when it comes to recreation.

"We're trying to hire a rec director. We've been trying for 12 months, and have had an interview or two but we've been unable to hire a person. We'd like to have that happen in 2023 if we can."

"It helps out the volunteers because the volunteers are expected to do everything, and some help would be nice for them," said Hoffort, "We have a very good volunteer base, they're very good to do what they do."

Maintenance of existing buildings is also being planned, with some help from the RM of Tecumseh.

"The RM has been working with us, helping us out there. They're a little better off financially than we are because of the oilfields and all of the taxes they are able to collect. They've been helping us where they can for recreation," said Hoffort, "Which they use as well - so it's only fair."