The new STRT program - also known as the Saskatchewan Trafficking Response Team - is looking to set up shop here in Estevan.

The provincial program was announced earlier this week, bringing in new RCMP officers to deal with drug, gun, and human trafficking.

While the number of officers deployed to an Estevan office would be uncertain, provincially there will be 30 RCMP officers, six municipal police officers, two crime analysts, and three support staff.

Swift Current MLA Everett Hindley will also be receiving an office in his constituency.

He explains some of what this team will be pursuing.

"Its specific focus is to target criminals who transport illegal drugs and weapons into the province, and to also deal with and combat human trafficking as well," said Hindley, "These are all major concerns."

The group will be carrying out investigations into trafficking, and will likely be working with other provincial forces, such as those in Alberta and Manitoba.

"This particular team will be investigating proactively these sorts of criminal activities," said Hindley, "Focusing dedicated resources towards it and also working interprovincially with our counterparts and our neighbors next door in Alberta and Manitoba to tackle these significant threats.

Hindley says that just having those extra positions in the province can help out RCMP units who may already have a lot to chew on.

"I think it would be a benefit. We're talking about 41 new positions province-wide being dedicated towards this particular unit, and I think that's significant," said Hindley, "I know that sometimes, I suspect, that there's probably challenges that they face when it comes to being able to tackle all the things that come across their plate."