The first day of school has seen teachers and students both back in classrooms after the summer break.

Schools opened their doors today in Estevan, though teachers and other school staff had been preparing for the date since last week.

All that's gone into an opening day that they're hoping will be the start of a good year.

Nathan Johnson, the principal of the Estevan Comprehensive School, says that he's been looking forward to the new year.

"We're feeling great, there's lots of excitement the staff's been back since last Thursday and are really looking forward to getting the students in the building and getting the year off on the right foot. I think we're looking forward to a little bit more of a normal school year here and just getting back at it. Always exciting to see the students return after a summer break."

It's expected that this year will be a bit more normal, as fewer restrictions are being placed on students.

"We're back to our five periods a day, ended last year off that way and continue this way. We'll still have some safety measures in place, there are masks available if students are interested, but that's not required this year. There'll be hand sanitizer available as well, and some increased cleaning procedures for our maintenance and janitorial staff. But otherwise, we're looking at a fairly normal school year."

Administrators are choosing to look at the new year optimistically, as explained by Pleasantdale School Principal Michelle Smart.

"I always say teachers and farmers are always optimistic. My husband used to be a farmer, so I always know we always start the year very optimistically, and we always start the year planning to have a good one. I've been at this for a while now, and I can't say that I've ever had a bad school year."

"We've had rough school years, but when you get to come in and see those faces, and the kids saying funny stuff, every day of my career there's something to laugh about, and that's kind of awesome."