A sudden snowstorm is now making spring feel a whole lot more like winter, as the southeast could see more than a foot of snow from this system.

That's put the brakes on many organizations, especially those that need to drive around thanks to many closed being less than safe.

For those who live in town, school is still open though the halls are a bit emptier since buses didn't run this morning.

Loni Hollingshead, the vice-principal at Spruce Ridge School, says the day had them changing up how they run.

"It's been a really different day here at the school, with the weather changing up every minute. We've had a lot of students leaving throughout the day. We're a rural school, so a lot of our buses were canceled, we're missing quite a few students, so classes are combining and there's a lot of buddy work going on."

Having attendance drop thanks to weather is something that happens at least a few times a year in Saskatchewan, so teachers generally have a plan."

"Especially since we have so many buses at our school, any time there's any kind of trouble with the weather we have kids who don't show up you just have to adapt on your feet. In Saskatchewan, you never know, the weather app keeps changing by the minute, but we're looking forward to having the kids come back hopefully by Friday for sure."

Westview School, meanwhile, only has one bus that comes by meaning that fewer students miss out, but classes still do change, according to Principal Misti Big Eagle-Bayliss.

"Here at Westview, we don't have a lot of things that alter our day here. We try to carry on as best we can with what's happening in our classrooms. The classes that are short a few students today because of the weather, it's been a great time for them to get caught up on some extra work and just have that independent time with a little more one on one time with our classroom teachers."

Students did get to enjoy some of the snow with a bit of winter-time fun in April.

"Mostly our younger students, they are loving the day. This is perfect Snowman weather and building some extra forts out there, so they are definitely taking advantage of the snow. I don't know if the rest of the older kids are quite as excited to be out in it, but our younger kids are definitely enjoying the day today."