Heated temperatures are settling in the southeast, with conditions approaching the criteria for heat warnings.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Terri Lang says that daytime temperatures will just miss the official criteria.

"I think it's going to be close to what you need for a heat warning. You need 32 degrees for two days in a row with overnight lows around 16 degrees. And of course your humidex values would need 38 for those for the two days." 

While that'll be lower than required, overnight lows will be breaching that warning criteria.

Those can be especially dangerous, according to Lang.

"The overnight lows are important because that's your body's time to kind of recover from the heat. So when they're particularly high, your body doesn't have a good chance of recovering from a warm and humid day."

The heat is likely to stay around for a bit, though it'll likely get rid of some of the current thunderstorms which have been popping up around Saskatchewan.

"It's going to generally stay in the same system," said Lang, "Although it does look like maybe we won't get as much of the thunderstorm activity that we've been seeing because of a ridge of high pressure that's going to kind of build in and maybe put a cap on that. That remains to be seen, we're in quite an unsettled pattern these days."

Lang reminds people to take all the proper precautions if they're going out, whether they're dealing with storms or excessive heat.