Summertime conditions are set to reestablish themselves in the southeast soon, following a spate of cooler and rainy weather.

That'll come after the current unsettled weather, which is expected to last over the next couple of days.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Stephen Berg talks about how the Southeast will move into a warmer period.

"Yeah, it looks pretty unsettled for the next couple of days at least and then that should settle down fairly well over the early part of next week into midweek. Temperatures look like they get into the mid to high 20s maybe touching on 30 towards Wednesday and then see where things go from there."

That'll be built on a ridge of pressure which Berg says should help promote some stability in the upcoming weather system.

"Ridge looks like it's building through much of the prairies by early-mid next week. So that should bring a little bit more clear, calm, sunny, warmer weather for the period."

Berg says that so far it's likely we'll stay out of any heat warning criteria, though with the rising temperatures of the mid-week people may need to watch the forecast.