The Saskatchewan United Party is adding their opinions regarding the offer of $2 million dollars for an MRI machine for southeast Saskatchewan that was declined by the provincial government in the spring.  

Nadine Wilson is the leader of the SUP. She said the offer from Elaine Walkom, which if accepted would have been for the MRI to be installed at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Estevan, is very important for healthcare in the province.  

“We see there’s a real need for the Saskatchewan people, and we have people leaving the country into the states, and other provinces to fill up for MRIs – we know there are people waiting,” Wilson said. “If there is a gracious family wanting to help the province I think that’s awesome. We certainly can use these health facilities.” 

When it comes to the decision-making process, Wilson was also puzzled.  

“Why do we have to continue to push the government to make right decisions when the Saskatchewan people are asking for these things, such as an MRI,” Wilson continued. She noted the government has considered guidance from her party on other priorities but would like to see the Saskatchewan Party listen to the people clearly, “especially when health care is in a crisis, a chaos, as we know people are leaving the province to get MRIs.” 

When asked what she would have done if she were the one making the decision, she said she wouldn’t have dismissed the offer out of hand. 

“I think you would lay out all the options and see, especially when you are looking at a budget, and the healthcare part of that pie is such a large segment, I think it would be very prudent to lay out all your options and decide to go from there,” Wilson added.  

“I'm hoping that the government will reconsider,” she continued. “Healthcare takes a big portion of the budget. This is very important to all Saskatchewan people, from north to southeast to west. I’m hoping that they are considering what the Saskatchewan people are asking for. If there’s a family that is so gracious that wants to help, I would certainly consider it. I’m hoping that the government is too.” 

Golden West has requested interviews with Premier Scott Moe and Health Minister Everett Hindley regarding this story for further clarification as to the decision that was made. Those requests have been declined.

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