The grain sector is coming together in Saskatoon to discuss the Canada Grain Act.

The summit is being hosted by the Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan and the Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission.

APAS President Ian Boxall says the Canada Grain Act Summit is an opportunity to discuss key issues, innovations, regulations, and competitiveness within the grain sector.

He says they've invited 40 organizations to attend with producer groups, researchers, stakeholders and government officials both Federal and Provincial.

Boxall points out that with the changes coming to the CGC board now is the time to focus on this with a new commissioner and chief commissioner set to be appointed.

"I think the time is now to have this discussion on modernizing the Grain Commission and ensuring that they get back to their mandate, which is protecting the producer. It's been five years since AAFC opened it up and sought input from stakeholders on the Grain Act. And yet we've heard nothing. So I think it's time we sparked a conversation on what does this look like?"

He says the day will include a discussion with farmers and producer groups about how things are done in the States and how things are done in other jurisdictions compared to here.

"Ensuring that farmers' best interests are looked after by the CGC. We'll have discussions around outward inspection. So I'm really looking forward to the engagement that we'll have with all the people in attendance."

The objectives of the Summit:

1. Producer Focused
2. Mandate Adherence and Fulfillment 
3. Identify the Public Good
4. Competition in Grain Handling 

The Summit will include:

- Panel discussions on protecting the Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) mandate, producer protections in the Canada Grain Act, and recent CGC operational and regulatory initiatives
- Presentations on export sales reporting and producer delivery contracts.
- Presentations on the US and Australian export grain regulatory and quality assurance systems.
- Presentations on the authority and operation of the CGC and potential changes to the Canada Grain Act, policy and regulations.

Boxall expects 80 to 100  people to attend in person with a virtual option being offered as well.