Ryder Lee is headed to Calgary to take on the role of General  Manager with the Canadian Cattle Association beginning September 1st.

Dennis Laycraft, the CCA Executive Vice-President Dennis Laycraft says Ryder brings an exceptional range of expertise, with a strong industry background, years of work on agriculture policy, and advanced management experience.

Lee says he's looking forward to helping producers from a new role, but admits it is still a little bittersweet.

"You know, there's lots of things we built here whether it's relationships, or successes we've had. Programs that we've got going on, or still in the offing that you know they're in good hands with the board and staff we have here."

He notes he'll be watching to see how things unfold with probably a little more vested interest than others might.

SCA Chair Arnold Balicki says Lee is leaving the organization with a strong foundation.

"Over the years during his tenure, we've come a long ways as a board. We have strong policy, and strong governance and really a great strategic plan. To that you can add that we have a great relationship with government and our external organizations and you can thank Ryder for that. So we're grateful for the years that we had him, but I mean it's not over, we're still going to be working with him through CCA."

Balicki says now they begin the job of trying to find someone to replace him.

Ryder Lee served as the Chief Executive Officer of the Saskatchewan Cattlemen's Association for the past seven years.