Dive with us into the exciting start to the season of the Estevan Mermaids! 

Head Coach, Amber Mantei, and Assistant Coach, Kelsey Vatoma, share all of the exciting opportunities and potential that joining the Estevan Mermaids can lead to, such as the Winter Games and the Olympics. 

"Our club is one of two clubs in our district that represents the South East for the Winter Game also. There are a ton of potential opportunities to advance quickly in artistic swimming. Our athletes have the opportunity to be a part of the Winter Games because it's Weyburn and ourselves that represent our area." says Coach Mantei.

There are a total of 53 girls in the Estevan Mermaids this year, a 40 percent increase from last season. The different levels include competitive athletes, limited competitive athletes, and minis. Coach Mantei also invites all adults with little to no experience to try the Master's division. 

The team gears up to host this year's Saskatchewan Artistic Swim meet in November. 

Mantei encourages all ages and genders to try out artistic swimming. 

"We are a very family-oriented, very tight-knit group that looks out for each other. Even if you are a parent who has never known the sport or doesn't know what you are getting into, we have an awesome support network. Everyone supports everyone else."

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