It has been a pleasure highlighting some of Estevan's most perfect pets throughout 2022. Now that we are in the final days of the year, a final perfect pet must be chosen!

First up we have Oliver.

OliverOliver likes to dress up and act goofy. He loves walks, sun tanning, tough talking other dogs, car rides, and snuggling. Most days he can be found on the couch with his precious hedgehog stuffy Hedgelina Jolie, dropping off/picking up his brother from school, or in bed if it's after 8:30pm. He follows a strict regimen of daily treats and naps to maintain his "sporty? yet snuggly" physique.

We have another lovable doggo to showoffr. Meet Torvii Hackett.

Torvii HacketShe's a beautiful bull mastiff, and she's my best friend. Loves to be near mommy, she's only 10 weeks old.

Our final contestant for December is named Ralph. He likes long walks on the beach and cardboard!

RalphWe adopted him this past May from the Moose Jaw humaine society, he still has got some things to work through, but has been improving. Dawn has been a great help with his training and getting comfortable around people + other dogs more. He loves cardboard + balls + walks + his trick training, and is super snuggly.

We'll find out the final winner of the Perfect Pet Contest on December 29 around 8 am.

In the meantime, check out some of the past winners chosen by Dawn Klassen from All Creatures.