As the December comes to a close so too does the Perfect Pet Contest in 2022.

Twelve pets have now been given the distinction of being "Perfect Pets" by Dawn and the staff at All Creatures and with that let us take a look at all of the winners starting with our final winner Torvii.

TorviiShe's a beautiful bull mastiff, and she's my best friend. Loves to be near mommy, she's only 10 weeks old.
-Check out the interview below to find out where Torvii's name comes from.

November - Willow

WillowWillow celebrated her 2nd birthday on November 1st! She is a gentle giant who loves everyone and everything she meets (except bunnies!). She loves to play but when she’s not playing she will sleep all day! She is super soft and perfect for cuddling but hates to cuddle because she gets too hot!

October - Darth Bolt

Darth BoltBolt is our three legged farm buddy. As you can see he is a pretty good sport!

September - Bruce

Bruceenergetic but lazy all in one, loves his kitty treats and pets. Loves to go on the table when he is not suppose to.

September - Luna

LunaLuna is a 4 month old American Eskimo that is as cute as a button. She’s playful, energetic and loves to socialize with calves, lambs, goats and anyone else she meets on the farm!

July - Astro

AstroAstro is a Shihtzu/Yorkie and is only 10 weeks old! He loves cuddles, playing fetch, being outside, and playing on the grass. We surprised our kids last week and they are absolutely in love!

June - Gus

GusRegulus, or Gus, is a two year old Corgi who recently moved to Canada from the USA. He’s very protective of his human mamma. He loves to cuddle and go for walks. If you can’t find him he’s most likely hiding under the couch, behind the bathroom door or under the bed. When he needs water he lets mom know by jumping in the bath tub. His favorite trick is “speak” and he’ll even “speak” when no one asks (aka he barks a lot). He’s our sweet loving boy who always smiling.

May - Walter

WalterWalter was a rescue from the Humane Society in Estevan. He is a very laid back cat, all he likes to do is eat& sleep. He loves his tiny humans when they aren’t tugging on his tail.

April - Spitz

SpitzMom got me everything i needed for a hamster at christmas. I had to wait to get my new pet when we were able to get it at Weyburn on January 22, 2022. I picked out a teddy bear hamster that looked so cute. She loved her new cage and mommy and I started training her. I named her Sunflower, but mom calls her Spitz after the sunflower seeds and she likes to spit her shells and other things. She loves running around all over the house in her ball. When she wants in her ball she will bite on her cage until I show her the ball then she stops biting and gets all excited to go in. She also likes to cuddle with me or sit on my shoulder. She loves to lay down on my chest and go to sleep even. She loves trying new fresh fruits and vegetables. I am going to get a leash for her so we can start going on small walks as she just loves to be out of her cage. She has brought a lot of happiness in my life as i wanted a pet for a long time. When i wake up in the morning she is awake to play with me then she goes to sleep until night time to play more. Mom bought me a pet carrying purse so i will be able to take her out. I love her. 

March - Lilo

LiloLILO is an excitable shepherd/husky cross! She loves life, loves people, loves other dogs! She also loves chasing squirrels and in this picture she was standing on her back legs, trying to reach the squirrel in the tree above her!

February - Daisy

DaisyDaisy is a springer spaniel puppy with a ton of energy and loves to train. She already knows sit, lay down, stay, heel, and shake a paw.

January - Catan

CatanMeet Catan! Catan turns 1 yr old next month. He is a border collie mix. He loves the snow and eating the crusts from your toast.

There you have it. The 12 Perfect Pet winners for 2022!

With a new year on the way, their will be more chances to show Estevan that your pet deserves to be known as a Perfect Pet.

Thank you to Dawn and the staff at All Creatures.