As we step into the paws of a new year, the Perfect Pet Contest continues to charm us with Estevan's furry friends.

Among the delightful entries for January 2024, we meet Cleo, a canine that is a unique blend of dachshund and pitbull!


CleoShe's a pitbull mixed with weiner dog. 2 years old. She loves driving in my watertruck at the rig and enjoys the freedom of running around in the open prairies

Dolly Parton Story

Dolly Parton StoryDolly is the cutest, cuddliest puppy ever. She is 7 months old and loves running and playing and destroying the occasion kids toy and baseboard. She loves annoying her dog brother Gus and playing with her best friends Ava and Hazel.


ChirchI took this kitty in because she was freezing and starving and we fell in love with her. She so sweet, except she found this little hole in my couch and made it a portal to her new play place (inside the couch)


PoutineShe’s pretty and she knows it


BlueBlue is a very friendly dog, he likes to watch out the front window all day while we are at work.


BearBear is a goof ball! He’s a gentle giant to his family. He loooves hot dogs, and honestly just any food in general! When he was younger he had no balance as he had t grown into his paws yet (Mr. WobblyWoo) His favourite summer time activity is to play in his pool! He loves to cuddle and will even sit on your lap if you allow him (he doesn’t realize how big he is lol) Bear is just a great boy all around and loves his humans and Hazel so much.


MurrayMurray is a beta fish He’s my office companion He was the employee of the month last month ???? Murray is quiet & a swimmingly good co- worker.


ArnieArnie is our border collie x He is always a happy boy He loves to play in the snow, go for walks & is infatuated with playing fetch.


YetiYeti is a 5 year old Jack Russel x He’s loves going for walks & long naps on the couch with his humans.


GainerGainer is a 6 month old golden retriever he is well mannered and is the cuties puppy ever.


DutchessShe's a bassett hound that lives up to her name she thinks she's royalty.


DeltaDelta is a 6 month old morkie. His hobbies include playing and cuddling. He is the perfect pet for our family, a very sweet boy.


MyloHe’s a smart and loving puppy. He does lots of tricks and loves children and people. He loves going for car rides. We love him!

Doobie & Munch

Doobie & MunchWhen they aren’t sleeping they are keeping the house busy!! They love to play, eat and cuddle! Enjoy sitting at their cat tree in the window, observing the outside world and getting some fresh air!

Rocky and Little Leon

Rocky and Little LeonJust a kitten and her new best friend Rocky who is our newest family member.

Dixon, Rip, Vin, & Tomi

Dixon, Rip, Vin, & TomiThe barn boys


RemiRemi is a 2 year old shepherd cross who we adopted through bright eyes rescue. He was born New Year’s Eve of 2022 on the white bear reservation. Remi is a very gentle and loving dog but is also full of energy and loves to play. When he’s not outside running as fast as he can you can find him snoozing in the master bedroom closet or running away from our 16 month old son. In July of 2023 Remi was run over and required surgery on his back leg which put him on the sidelines for quite a few months buts he’s since made a full recovery and is back to his old self.


BugsyBugsy is a 3 year Boston Terrier and is the sweetest big guy.


CharlieCharlie is a 4 year old in February! And he is a black lad/ retriever. He forgets how big he is and is scared of a lot of things. Like squeak toys and cats, just to make a few. He loves cuddles and doing tricks for treats. And he loves winter time so he can play in the snow. Also loves harvest time so he can come for rides!


PiperPiper is 5 months old. Was found as an orphan kitten about 2 weeks old.


RoryRory is our special girl. She is a Husky/German Shepherd mix from northern Manitoba. She came into our lives in 2023 and it hasn’t been the same since. She’s such a sweet girl and loves meeting new friends. She enjoys a belly rub when her parents get home work and a cuddle on the couch before her bedtime. Rory is new to the prairies but is embracing the weather out where the wild things are. She truly is loving the prairie dog life. Her parents are thankful for her every single day.


TrexxThis is Trexx he will be turning 1 next month this is his first winter and he likes playing out side with his snow boots and jacket ????????

Fergus AKA Fergie AKA Fergaliicious

Fergus AKA Fergie AKA FergaliiciousFergus is our 1 year old Gewfie ( 1/2 Newfoundland 1/2 Golden Retriever). He is a goofy, fun loving, sweet, sensitive hunk of fluffy love! He insists on bringing gifts whenever he meets you, usually pre-owned but always given with love. He is learning to be patient with his elderly brother but still a bit of a menace. He is 120 pounds of cuddle muffin and a great spooner. He speaks volumes with his big bambi eyes and his naturally inquisitive head tilts. Fergus is a pretty chill inside dog and also relishes in the wonderful places around our neighbourhood and Estevan that share their rabbit, deer, duck, geese and turtle friends. He is not immune to zoomies but those usually occur on his outdoor adventures. His favourite TV show is Littlest Hobo. He plays well with others but can, at times, be a bit of a "runs with scissors" puppy. He's young and trying, and we love him to bits!


DieselDiesel is three yrs old. She is mistaken for a male, with good reason. She’s built like a train and snores like one too. She was the replacement of our American bull that we had lost a few yrs back. Boy did we not realize how much we missed her. She fits perfectly into our little family even If she isn’t anymore.


MewMew is a rescue barn cat with some flair. On the days he isn't tearing the house apart he likes to give us all some laughs. Mew came into our life at 4 weeks old and has been around 3 dogs. In between his down time you will find him out for walks with the dogs, going to the beach with the dogs or posing for pictures. He is now 6 months old and full of character.

Phoebe & Jasmine

Phoebe & JasminePhoebe is a loving German shepherd who love her cat friends Jasmine is her three legged buddy.


SparkySparky is a rescue I found one day and he's been my shadow ever since, He's an orange tabby who's just a big cuddle bug. He's always eating for me when I get home and when I make it to the sofa he's usually invading my personal space.


CodyCody is lovely boy. He loves to sleep and chase animals. Cody is one of the cutest dogs out there. He loves attention and food. He is a keen listener, and altogether, a wonderful doggie. Cody is a social butterfly, so he loves other dogs and people. ❤️


MarshmellowMarshmallow loves his snuggles and cruising around on bikes with his best buddy.


MillieMillie is new to the family, she’s an Aussie Doodle. She loves her mama most, loves to bug her new sister Roxy and loves hanging outside with the horses and barn cats. She’s smart and spunky and we can’t wait to see what she becomes.


As we marvel at the diverse and endearing pets in this month's contest, the anticipation builds. Dawn Klassen from All Creatures will have the challenging task of selecting the perfect pet for January 2024. Stay tuned as we announce the winner on SUN 102 & Country 106.1 tomorrow at 8 AM. The crowned pet will receive an outstanding prize - a $50 gift card to both All Creatures and Rodeo Dawg. Remember, every pet is a winner in the eyes of those who cherish them.