One of the most intriguing rock bands in Canada, The Hourhand has undoubtedly shown that they belong among the best in the nation.

Loud, energetic, and fun, the trio has the musical prowess to impress even the most stringent of rock fans. They also have the wherewithal to not make each performance a clinic for their individual talents. Instead, they work to make sure each song has everything needed to be great.

The group travelled to Hamilton, Ont. thanks to the fundraising efforts of their fans, to work with Jon Harvey from Monster Truck at Threshold Recording Studio. The fruits of their labour produced two songs: "Setting Sun," which has yet to be released, and the band's newest single "Hellbent."

The Hourhand's Cole Van Woert, Dawson Dressler, and Gray Farrow joined Daniel Espelien from Rock 106 to discuss everything that went into making their single "Hellbent." 

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