The Joint Tactical Support Team (JTST) was doing some real-world training this past weekend, on the 300 block of 8th Avenue SE in Weyburn.

Corporal Ryan Chernowski with the Weyburn Police Service, and a member of the JTST, said that they had a couple of curious onlookers and kids out playing in the neighborhood.

"So we made sure to take time and chat up the kids. They invited us to their snow fort and we got a picture there."

Chernowski said that the encounter was a bit spontaneous, but he explained that they had the kids cheering them on, so they wanted to take a little bit of extra special time to go over and say hi and introduce themselves.

"They were just kind of curious and had never seen us before, and were watching us from afar."

He explained that the JTST is comprised of Weyburn and Estevan Police Service members, and is a fairly new tactical team in the southeast corner of the province.

"We had 10 deployments in 2022, with barricaded suspects and firearms present, we had a hostage call, and seven deployments for warrant service. So we're a pretty busy bunch."

Chernowski added that because their uniforms are different than the "usual" police uniform, and they wear different gear, they wanted the kids especially, to know that they're approachable, and still community-minded police officers at heart.

"We still want to take the time to go and chat with kids and say hi to people; we live in the community too, so I feel that's really important."