June is almost over?! Tomorrow is the last Tuesday of the month, tune in at 8 to find out which of these cuties wins the prize!


Smudge is always enjoying life.


Covi is a Kamfa Flowerhorn from Thailand. He is 2 years old now, I got him from a local fish enthusiast here in Estevan.


Zelena is amazing with my kids we have problems with her being around my older female dog as they tend to fight but Zelena is to be my next therapy dog for me as I have emotional epilepsy when my older dog passes on I’ll need Zelena to be ready to take over letting me know if my emotions are a bit high and I need to sit down and relax but she is good on leash until we pass a fire hidrend like she’s afraid of them she is a loving dog very smart and amazing mom having in her first litter last year 9 pups and this year’s litter she has 11 pups I don’t know how she does it but she is amazing.


Athena is my emotional support dog for my emotional epilepsy she is an amazing girl loving to everyone as long as I say it’s ok but protective of me and my kids she will be 10 years old end of August this year she puts up with a lot from me and my family lol I don’t know what me and my kids will do when she does pass away hopefully not anytime soon but it will be very hard.



Elliot is an eye lash gecko that I’ve had for two years. He loves to climb every where and loves to eat!


Regulus, or Gus, is a two year old Corgi who recently moved to Canada from the USA. He’s very protective of his human mamma. He loves to cuddle and go for walks. If you can’t find him he’s most likely hiding under the couch, behind the bathroom door or under the bed. When he needs water he lets mom know by jumping in the bath tub. His favorite trick is “speak” and he’ll even “speak” when no one asks (aka he barks a lot). He’s our sweet loving boy who always smiling.


Willow is the sweetest dog you could meet, she is a gentle giant who definitely suffers from big dog syndrome! She makes friends with any dog she meets and just wants pets.



Sophie is 4 1/2 years old who I just adopted from the Estevan humane society last month. She loves belly rubs,going for walks and playing with her baby sister Sammy.


Snickers is truly the best dog in the world . He is almost 2 years old Chihuahua . He is alway there when I am having a bad day.


This is our beautiful Saydi , she is 12 years young, she is our world, she is going blind and has the on set of dementia but this don't stop her from being the happiest sweetest girl ever that loves her people to the moon and back.


Hydro is an 120lb Valley Bulldog, and he will be 8 years old in September. He spends most of his day sleeping, but he can be such an active dog when he wants to be. His favorite things are going for car rides, runs/walks and cuddles. He is the sweetest dog ever, and has been our best friend these past 8 years together.


At 3 years old Timber spends her days being kept very busy by our three children. She is always looking for crumbs and cuddles. If the kids are on the trampoline you are sure to find her on there too. She loves peanut butter, long walks, and time out at the farm chasing grasshoppers and gophers.


Gabbie is a pure bread yorkie 9 years old but still young hearted and energetic as ever,non shedding and has all the love in the world to share.


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