With August winding down it is now time to check out all of the loveable fur friends submitted for the Perfect Pet Contest! Tune in tomorrow around 8 to find out the winner.

Sophie came to us as a rescue about 4 years ago, her age is unknown but a rough guess would be 8-10. She had a batch of puppies out in the -40 weather when they rescued her and now she is a very pampered and loved pooch!


This is axle AKA Axamillion. He spends his days maxxin and relaxing with his humans. He loves all the attention and is sure to let you know when your not giving enough. He likes snuggle with his human sisters shirts and is very proud when he can sneak them without them noticing as you can see in his picture. Axles living his best life being a little cheeseball!


Swiffer is an older boy (almost 14!) that loves napping in the sun and belly rubs. He is very vocal and loves when you talk to him. He has such a calm and loving personality he’s been the perfect pet for our family all these years.


Sadie is a 6 year old lab cattle dog mix. Her parents were found wondering the prairies together before Sadie was born. She thinks she’s a lap dog. Sadie LOVES camping and is smiling the entire time we are at the camper.


Lena (GS) and Murray love going to Auntie Dawn’s!

Lena & MurrayLena & Murray

Shira is 7, and lives slides, camping, swimming, her three kid siblings and her grandma. Nothing makes her happier than treats or going for walks with her family.


Lilly is our one year old cattle dog. She thinks everything is about her, and loves to go on adventures!


Luna is a 4 month old American Eskimo that is as cute as a button. She’s playful, energetic and loves to socialize with calves, lambs, goats and anyone else she meets on the farm!


Sasha loves to stay really close to me, also loves her treats and going for long walks.


Cute, loves his human children dearly!


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