Do pets like it when the seasons change? It's hard to say. Either way, they look like they're enjoying themselves so far!

Here are our first perfect pets of fall.

Roxy is a 3 year old Frenchton. She is very smart, loves playing and going for walks looking for rabbits to chase. She is very spoiled!


Timber is 10 months old and loves dad's Buffalo Bills.


Ellie is a 5 year old Husky mix. She is a very bouncy fun loving girl who loves outdoors and going to daycare at Dawns!


We got our girl from Paws and Claws pet rescue in February. She has been a challenge but who could get mad at that face!


Big good ball. He loves to play with paper balls and his tail. My 12 yr old daughter is his human, follows her around everywhere. Lays outside her door if she’s sleeping. We rescued him when he was 8-10 weeks old, he just turned 2 ❤️


This is Emerson, he is a 21 month old Shih Tzu. He is a very active young man who loves his Momma. Our house pretty much revolves around him.


Lilly is a 1 year old border collie cross! When she's not working on the farm she enjoys camping, couch snuggles, and playing with her dog siblings!


Jasper is our big goofball. We have had him for over 2 years and could not have asked for a better boy. He loves his naps, going to daycare and the dog park.


He is a beautiful rescue dog from Bright Eye’s. He loves his human kids and is pretty chill for a puppy. Most of the time!


This is Luna. She is my moms dog but I pretend she’s mine cause she likes me and gives me and my little sisters kisses.


This is my rescue dog Skye! She is my best friend, she follows me everywhere. We got her last year from Regina Humane society. They told us that she is about 5 years old. This is how she sleeps most night. I think she watched me sleep that’s why she sleeps like this.


energetic but lazy all in one, loves his kitty treats and pets. Loves to go on the table when he is not suppose to.


She is a mastiff German shepherd cross and such a sweet girl.


Oober is a rescue. We just had our 5 year anniversary with him. He has come along way. Always loves his hugs. He loves us very much along with our granddaughter. Also loves our very old cat Greysome. We are so happy he's ours.


She’s a sassy girl who loves to run and swim. She sometimes thinks she’s a lap dog and tries to sit on your lap when she’s a tad too big.


He is a Cavapoo that loves cuddles.


Moose his name sums up everything about him. He is a mastiff/maremma cross and is the biggest, most lovable pet we have ever had. He has to have all the attention and will push the other dogs out of the way to get it. Him and his sister protect our cows from coyotes and will greet all the visitors to our farm. He is protective, lovable and goofy all wrapped up in a big fluffy body.


We had Mac and after 5 yrs we thought he needed a sister but his sister loves sitting on him and wrestling with him. Just like brothers and sisters do.

Mac & MollyMac & Molly

Mr Taz is a sleepy guy, who often enjoys going outside to play and roll in the dirt. Taz loves cuddles in the morning rather than waking up. He’s a night owl.


Yodee is a goofy little girl. She loves blankets, her family, her sister Lila and chasing birds. She’s a “COVID baby” and compliments our family so completely.


Lila is such a sweetheart. She loves her family with all of her being. She also is a little mischievous and likes to chew on anything made of hard plastic.


We “adopted” Koko as a companion for our senior dog who has since sadly passed away. Since we brought her home we fell in love and she quickly became a member of the family. Her mom was a mini Aussie and dad is a black lab/malamute cross. Luckily our house pup is only 45 pounds ???? our home wouldn’t be the same without her!


Maggie is a ~2y.o. rescue coming from northern Manitoba. Embark DNA shows her as a mix of lab, rottweiler, GSD, Eskimo dog. She is a natural hunter, and my little mountain hiker. Kaytee is a 14.5 y.o. shih-tzu, but I'm sure she has DNA mix of giraffe and t-rex in her. Her whole life, she has played tug of war with her brother and cousins that were 70-100 pounds heavier, giving her neck insane girth. Does she lift? Na bro, but dont tempt her in tug of war. #BossBitch

Maggie & KayteeMaggie & Kaytee

Pepper is a 12 year old Dachshund she doesn’t do much anymore but sleep and eat.


Bailey is a very happy dog who loves everyone and everything!


He is my sons leapord gecko, he like to be held, petted and fed worms. He alwYs has a smile on his face!


This is paisley my beautiful 5 year old Maine coone kitty! She came into my life as a rescue just when I needed her most. She’s the mist sweet and cuddly kitty.


A rescue from the estevan humane society, Claire loves to tell you stories and cuddle. She tries to earn her keep by hunting flies, but isn't very good at squishing with her fluffy paws.


He’s a super cute ginger with freckles. he loves going in this bag made for cats an going on walks or drives he’s very interested in the outdoors! Loves eating snacks whenever I’m eating he must share it with, He love subway and anytime I get I have to hide it from him or he will try to steal it! He’s also very friendly, handsome, and cuddly! He follows me everywhere definitely my best bud!


So there you have it! Our perfect pets for the month of September. Check back to later this week to find out the winner.