There are many ways you can learn about the past. With some ways being more fun than others, it's great that the Souris Valley Museum has so many options to help you discover how awesome our corner of the southeast is, while at the same time helping our youth learn about some pretty amazing things from around the world as well.

With summer camp season right around the corner, the museum will be holding a registration day on May third and also give children a chance to learn about camels with a safari. There are other safari days as well where kids can learn about the red panda, yaks, and the komodo dragon.

Of course, May is the month where we get to celebrate moms. On Saturday, May 7, bring mom down to the museum to make flowers for Mother's Day from 1 to 3. There is also a chance to learn about flowers on the 13th from 10 AM to noon.

Find out about all of the other events taking place at the Souris Valley Museum from Education & Outreach Manager, Anna Rose Lawrence in the interview she did with Daniel Espelien on the morning show.