A pharmacy reported a potential theft of prescription drugs to the Estevan Police Service Tuesday night.

Police said a person tried to fill their prescription early. That necessitated the pharmacy to deny the request and alert law enforcement.

"If you're on an opioid, you're only allowed to have so much," said EPS Sgt. Kevin Reed. "What happens if some goes missing, the pharmacy wants to clear off that you're not abusing your medication... sometimes it does get stolen from you. So they require that it be reported to the police before they fill the next refill."

Reed said police asked the person who was looking for the refill to come to the station and report a theft.

He also reported the following calls:

A report of a scam - someone put a deposit on a diecast car, then lost touch with the online seller.

A boy came to the station to complain about how his parents were disciplining him at home. Police called his parents to the station and mediated the matter.

Police were called to help EMS at a residence where a person fell and cut their head open. The person was taken to the hospital.

And police went to a hotel where an intoxicated man was causing a scene. He didn't know where he lived, due to his level of intoxication. Police determined his address and brought him back to his wife.