May is on its way out the door, so let's check out the Perfect Pet entries for this month!

Bug is a regular Cuddle-BUG and loves adventures just as much as attention.


Ella is a rescue from Moose Jaw humane society. We got her after the loss of our german Shephered Kreuzer due to intestinal cancer at age 7. We decided to fill that loss with another furry animal during Covid. We stumbled across a " reindeer litter" from Moosejaw humane society. She was known as dancer. We were told she was a Great Pyrenees mix. We were expecting a large 100+lb dog. Our children named her Ella-rose. She became very fiesty and she is now a acquired the name "floof-safur" like "Lucifer" because well... she is floofy and she can have quite a growl. Any given day she enjoys laying in the most weirdest positions that look like she is possessed. We love her with all of our heart, her hobbies include digging holes (large holes) in our back yard and ripping our deck apart. Our life would not be complete without our floof.


Jasper is a big life loving goofball. He just turned 4 on on May 6th. Jasper loves to sleep, go to doggy daycare a few days a week and spending time on the weekends at the dog park.



Walter was a rescue from the Humane Society in Estevan. He is a very laid back cat, all he likes to do is eat& sleep. He loves his tiny humans when they aren’t tugging on his tail.


My English Springers Roxy & Willow both love camping and fishing. Love spending time in the water. Both are bird dogs that likes to hunt.

	Roxy & Willow