Our third DiscoverEstevan charity barbecue brought in $1,500 for the Estevan Early Years Family Resource Centre on Tuesday, and this time the weather finally cooperated.

"It went amazing, we had perfect weather so we were lucky enough for that," said the resource centre's Executive Director Sydney Wanner. "We raised 15 hundred dollars so we're so grateful for the support of our community. Yeah it was just a great day, it was awesome to see some familiar faces and new faces, so yeah awesome day."

Wanner said the money raised on Tuesday will help keep the centre's programming free for those who use it.

"All our programs that we run are completely free, and we do a lot of outreach programs as well. So like we have wellness boxes for new moms, just kind of things like that," she said. "Everything we do here is free, anyone can come down, so it's just to keep everything accessible for those families that might need a little bit more help."

"We also do emergency formula and diaper if anyone is struggling, so yeah, just all those great things."

Wanner added that the centre works with a lot of young parents and kids.

"We have a lot of baby classes here, a lot of childcare classes, and then obviously that 5-year-old pre Kindergarten age as well," she said. "We're lucky enough in the summer to offer some summer camps that kids can come to, so that's amazing as well. And then we have our drop in area too so people can just come and hang out and meet their friends, get out of the house."

"I'd say that's our biggest impact, is just being that safe, friendly place for people to come whenever they want to."

Wanner said they had 1,500 people use the centre in just one month in the past.

Our barbecue next week will be at the Estevan Eye Clinic in support of Limitless Disability Advocate Services.