The last pair of weekends have involved a lot of shoveling snow and dealing with power outages, but there's a different outlook for this weekend.

While originally a "hybrid" colorado low was forecasted for the area, that has since moved eastward and pulled away from Estevan.

That means it might be possible to enjoy the weather this weekend, rather than staying cooped up inside away from howling winds.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Terri Lang says that first, we'll have to get through a patch of rain coming in tomorrow.

After that, the skies are looking a bit clearer.

"Good news is that the system is trending more towards the east. It looks like southeast Saskatchewan will escape the main punch of this weather system. It would only be the extreme southeast corner that will be getting any significant amounts of rain and even then it's trending more that we'll get less and less."

Along with that lack of significant rainfall is increased temperatures, as they poke up above the double-digit mark this weekend.

"Temperatures finally recovering, and once the snow starts going then you'll get more and more into the warmth as well. Sometimes it's a little harder to get warmed up when there's snow on the ground, but that should be disappearing and highs into the low teens through the weekend.

Though it's not all paradise for too long as another storm system is creeping up next week.

Lang says they're making sure to keep an eye on that one.

"Looks like at this time the models are trying to keep it farther to the south. We'll keep an eye on it just because as we saw with this upcoming system that things can change pretty quickly and a difference of 50 kilometers in a system can make a big difference in how the weather pans out. The models are trending farther to the south, so that's a good news story too.