The southeast is seeing thundershowers roll into the area following the long weekend, with some smoke also choking the air.

Moisture has been plentiful for the southeast, but this rain is also hitting areas further north which might quench some fires.

For now, residents just need to worry about any heavy rains or thunder that could come through.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Terri Lang says the system is needed for some areas.

"The air mass has finally shifted to something a little more unstable with a little bit more in the way of moisture, so that is allowing for the showers and thundershowers to develop, which we've been waiting for for a very long time. We did see lots of showers and thundershowers across western parts of southern Saskatchewan yesterday and last night and it's going to make its way into southeastern parts of the province today." 

The system is likely to hold some isolated, but intense rains for any area unlikely to be beneath it.

As well, some smoke is continuing in the area, though it's uncertain how long that could last.

"Smoke forecasting is excessively difficult to do, but I do think you'll see some smoke around for the better part of the day today and then probably looks like some improvement probably early tomorrow morning. Looks like it will finally sort of pull to the north, but I still think it's going to be there's still going to be some around, and the air quality health indices will relax a little bit by tomorrow."