Tim Hortons across Canada held Camp Day earlier this week, setting aside some of the money that they made from coffee and iced coffee to send kids to camp.

Tim Hortons stores also had options for people to round up their orders, donate money, and buy socks or bracelets that would go to the fund.

Overall the Estevan locations on King Street and 4 Street managed to raise a combined total of $4412.87.

"That's great. Estevan's always provided excellent participation in these events. Our team members, of course, did a great job again. Estevan always comes through in these times."

While Saskatchewan doesn't have any camps, the funds can be used to help enroll kids in nearby camps in Manitoba and Alberta.

"What it does is actually send more kids to camps - so more money raised means more kids will go and more money that will help keep the camps going."

Irwin says that this year's sales were great, with plenty of people coming in and giving some money to beat the heat.

"The majority of the sales are definitely coffee sales and iced coffee sales, so that's always a good thing. It was definitely warm that day."