Lorna Coate of Bienfait has recently retired from McDonalds Estevan after 27 and a half years of serving southeast Saskatchewan. Over those years Lorna has formed so many friendships, both with fellow employees and customers. Lorna remembers some of her first shifts, how nervous she was with having to learn several different work stations. Lorna breezed through this and never looked back.

Lorna explained the number one thing she will miss the most...is her customers. Lorna has formed a relationship with everyone including children who are in the vehicles, as they pass through the drive-through. She always made it a point to visit with the kids, many of them called her "grandma" which warmed Lorna's heart in so many ways.

McDonalds Estevan will be hosting a Come & Go Coffee & Cake Retirement Sendoff for Lorna on Wednesday, February 7th 9am-11am.

Lorna will join Lyle on the Big Breakfast Show just after 8 on Country 106.1 this morning and share many thoughts on her 27 and a half years!!!!