The search continues for Weyburn’s Frances Gazeley, who disappeared in early December 2021. She was last seen on Regina Street in Weyburn before she went missing.

The last time anyone spoke with Gazeley was December 7th, 2021, and a thorough search in Weyburn, and in surrounding areas, has yet to yield any evidence of her whereabouts.

Earlier this year, the search for Gazeley was featured on the Facebook page 'Unidentified Human Remains Canada,' managed by Jan Guppy. The page has been instrumental in raising awareness about missing persons cases across the country, and after a radio appearance by Guppy in May 2023, a vital tip regarding Gazeley's disappearance was received.

Following the tip's lead, the RCMP Search and Rescue team conducted a thorough search of a property near Ceylon in early July 2023. Despite their dedicated efforts, the investigation did not provide any substantial breakthroughs in the case.

The search for Gazeley, since she disappeared, has expanded to the Bengough, Minton, Colgate and Ceylon areas. Property owners in the area have been asked to keep an eye out for evidence in the case, as have those who may use the property such as hunters.

As the search for Frances Gazeley enters its 20th month, the determination to find her remains unwavering. Authorities continue to follow up on leads as they come in, hoping to bring some closure to the case.

If you have any information related to this case, please get in touch with the RCMP or the Weyburn Police Service.