The province's Highway Hotline is no longer urging you to avoid hitting highways in the Estevan area.

The travel-not-recommended status has been lifted for highways in the southeast.

5:26 a.m. Thursday

Driving within the city of Estevan on Thursday morning could be a challenge, and any highway trips in the area are being discouraged.

The province's Highway Hotline expanded the number of roads they advise against travelling on.

The roads marked white, in this image from the Highway Hotline Thursday morning, are under the travel-not-recommended status.

map of roads

City streets in Estevan have heavy snow on them.

Estevan Police Service Sgt. Tyler McMillen urged drivers within town to be patient, and anyone who has to travel on the highways to give themselves extra time.

"City crews, it's going to take them some time to clear things off. It makes it difficult when it's still continuing to snow."

McMillen said there were some spots that could be particularly treacherous.

"For commuters coming in and out of Estevan, I know there are some areas that we checked last night looked like bare pavement, you were thinking going to have some traction there, there's actually not. There's actually layers of black ice on there."

Light snow is expected to fall at times on Thursday, with wind causing blowing snow.

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5:48 p.m. Wednesday

The province’s Highway Hotline is advising against travel in the Estevan area, as of a 4:50 update Wednesday afternoon.

Highways in the area are covered in ice with swirling and drifting snow, and poor visibility.

Roads with travel-not-recommended status include Highway 47 from the US border north past Stoughton and 39 from Midale southeast through Estevan to the US border, along with 18 and 461 in the area.

Check the Kelly Panteluk Construction Road Reports page for the latest updates here.

A semi carrying hay bales was seen damaged, off Highway 39 around 4:30 p.m., with emergency personnel on the scene.

Semi in the ditch

Five to 10 centimetres of snow is in the forecast for Estevan overnight, followed by periods of light snow and blowing snow on Thursday.

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