A new tribute of recognition has been unveiled at St. Joseph's Hospital in Estevan.

The Carson Family Atrium is now featured within the main entrance of the hospital, as a sign of appreciation for years of support for Ron Carson and his family.

The tribute has photos of Ron and Shirley Carson, along with a quote from the family on why they chose to support St. Joseph's over the years.

"It has always been important to my late wife Shirley Carson and I to give back to the communities that supported Carson Energy for many years. We wanted to support the Estevan St. Joseph’s Hospital as best we can, as this facility is always there for us in times of requiring medical assistance," said Ron Carson.

The hospital's executive director, Greg Hoffort, said the Carson family were instrumental in two major additions to patient care.

The first was the addition of the CT scan unit five years ago, and the second was a contribution which allowed the St. Joseph's Hospital Addiction Recovery Centre to expand from 20 to 32 beds.

"Ron Carson’s generosity through the combined contribution of $1,000,000 was essential to successfully bringing these new services to South East Saskatchewan and we are very grateful," said Hoffort.

"The Carson family has been a major part of the enhancements and upgrades made to our hospital," said St. Joseph's Hospital Foundation Executive Director Lori Gervais. "From the CT Scanner and Diagnostics Department to the Addiction Recovery Centre, without their support we can confidently say that we wouldn’t have some of the services that we have here at St. Joseph’s Hospital,” says Lori Gervais, Executive Director at St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation."

The Carson family is also recognized as platinum donors of the hospital foundation, for over a decade of support.