Two men were charged under the Criminal Code of Canada and spent time behind bars Thursday night for refusing to provide a breath sample after being pulled over by police in the northeastern part of Estevan.

The first was a 40-year-old from North Battleford. Estevan Police Service Sgt. Tyler McMillen said the man obstructed the police officer and resisted arrest, which led to three criminal charges. 

The man was also driving with a suspended license, which yielded its own penalty.

The second incident was on Kensington Ave., in the same area, according to McMillen.

A 27-year-old from Minnedosa, Man. driving a semi was pulled over and also refused a roadside demand.

"When subjects refuse a breath demand, a lawful demand, by police members roadside, both drivers had their vehicles seized and towed," said McMillen. "They will be taken for 60 days. Serious consequences when you drive impaired, and that's what we're alleging that they did."

McMillen said it was fortunate that nobody was injured. He added that the public played a role in one of the arrests.

"One was called in. We appreciate people calling in and reporting stuff. It's a community thing, and we're thankful we have a pretty good community that calls that stuff in and reports to us."

Other matters over the last couple days from the Estevan Police Service included a semi hitting a light pole at 13th Ave. and 6th St. Thursday afternoon. The semi was located on Highway 39 East. McMillen said the driver didn't notice the truck hit the pole, and was charged.

A female from Moose Jaw turned herself in on outstanding warrants and was released with a new court date.

An Estevan man was arrested Wednesday afternoon with six or seven outstanding warrants. He was remanded and is scheduled to appear in court in Regina Friday morning.

McMillen also said police gave a homeowner a warning following a noise complaint on the north side of town on Thursday night.