Seventy-seven calls to the Estevan Police Service over the weekend covered a variety of matters, including assaults, a break and enter, and fraud.

EPS Sgt. Tyler McMillen said police are investigating several reports of scams or frauds from the weekend, including two instances of fraud over $5,000.

"They're substantial in size," said McMillen. "Those are in the infant stages... So we're still trying to gather some details."

McMillen said one case is a Canada Revenue Agency-scam type of fraud. The other is an "insurance-type fraud."

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Police are taking statements regarding a possible assault from Friday night at a downtown establishment. They were also called to what McMillen said appeared to be a consensual fight at a downtown establishment on Saturday night.

Two drivers were fined and given roadside license suspensions - one for alcohol impairment and one for drug impairment.

McMillen also said someone reported being an intended target of extortion. McMillen said no money changed hands.