The prairies have bounced back from extreme cold earlier this month to the opposite, with temperatures far higher than the seasonal average.

Temperatures are expected to stay warm and above the average high this week.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Samatha Mauti explains that the warmth will be well above average.

"All of the prairies are under an upper ridge right now which is usually associated with warm temperatures. So yeah, through the Estevan area, we're seeing a lot of warmer than normal temperatures forecast for the remainder of the week and a normal high for the Estevan area at the end of January is about -9°C."

Some records may be broken, including today. The current record of 5.6 from 2018 could be broken with a forecast of 7 today.

That trend will continue tomorrow with Wednesday's record of 8.2 from 1992 being very close to the forecasted 9.

Those above-average temperatures may cause problems as the overnight period will still be below-freezing.

"You'll probably see lots of snow melt through the daytime and through those warm temperatures, but then any of that snow melt will likely refreeze overnight, so definitely be careful on the roads and make sure you're aware of the road conditions and everything before heading out."

While record-breaking warmth won't be sticking around Estevan there will still be some above-average temperatures continuing on the weekend.

Environment Canada says highs in the low single digits are on the way by Sunday, with a possibility of snow over the weekend.

"We're seeing that ridge move a little bit so we're Estevan is not expected to be in the strongest part of the Ridge anymore, the end of the week and into early next week, but still a possibility of above normal temperatures into next week and beyond."