The Estevan Police Service is dialled in on an increase in thefts of items from vehicles. 

EPS Sgt. Tyler McMillen said the number of calls they’ve received regarding the matter has been a lot higher than normal over the last couple of weeks. 

McMillen said he believes most of the vehicles that were entered were unlocked. 

“We’re encouraging people to keep your vehicles secure,” he said. “Keep any valuables out of sight or not stored in your vehicle.” 

He said if you do fall victim, and aren’t confident you’ll get your property back, it’s still good to inform police of the crime. 

“It gives us areas of where the crimes occurred so we can deploy appropriately. We have a couple bike patrol people that are already starting to be out there on bike patrol trying to find these people and bring them to a safe resolution.” 

Recent incidents have occurred on the south side of McDonald Road, and the 200 to 600 blocks of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Streets. 

Police have been going over surveillance footage and are not sure if there are one or more suspects behind thefts. 

“Some of the images were seen, they seem to be by themselves,” said McMillen. “But not saying they aren't working in a different block at the same time.” 

Stolen items have included cash, cigarettes, and gas cards.