Everyone 12 or older in Saskatchewan will be able to receive a Pfizer bivalent COVID-19 booster vaccination on Monday, provided four months have passed since their previous dose.

This makes all residents aged 12 to 17 now eligible for a fourth dose (a second booster dose).

"The Pfizer bivalent has been approved by Health Canada as a booster dose," read a provincial release. "It is recommended that all residents 12 years and older receive their bivalent booster dose at least four months following their last COVID-19 vaccination, regardless of the number of COVID-19 doses received to date.

"If you have had COVID-19, you can receive any booster dose once you have recovered; however, you may choose to wait up to three months post-infection for a booster dose to receive the best immune response."

You will be given the option of receiving a bivalent vaccine when they arrive at the clinic for their shot. You do not need to specify which vaccine you want to receive when booking an appointment.

"Booster doses of the original mRNA vaccines continue to provide good protection against severe COVID-19 outcomes, including those caused by Omicron variant infection," said the release. "However, evidence to date shows that both the Moderna and Pfizer bivalent booster doses induce a stronger immune response and are expected to provide improved protection against the Omicron variant."