When it comes to road safety, the importance of a well-maintained vehicle cannot be overstated. Combined Traffic Services Saskatchewan (CTSS), a collaborative unit comprising officers from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and municipal police forces, takes this notion seriously. CTSS officers have been conducting patrols and closely scrutinizing vehicles for maintenance issues that could compromise safety. 

In a release issued Monday afternoon, the RCMP highlight some of the issues that frequently pop up, as well as some of the numbers they have seen since 2018, as well as so far this year. Burnt-out lights, cracked windshields, improper window tint, and other concerns are on their radar. Since the start of 2018, CTSS has issued tickets and warnings for inadequate vehicle equipment violations. The numbers are staggering: 30,441 tickets and 93,397 warnings were issued to drivers in Saskatchewan during this period. 

Since the beginning of the year, 4,544 tickets and 13,523 warnings have been handed out to drivers in Saskatchewan for similar equipment violations. Furthermore, 3,250 vehicles received vehicle defect inspection notices in 2023, mandating repairs for identified defects within a specified timeframe to ensure the vehicle's registration remains valid. 

"It may seem like it’s no big deal to put off getting a headlight replaced, or a windshield crack repaired. It is a big deal,” said RCMP S/Sgt. Kevin Williamson in the release. “Poorly-maintained or broken vehicle equipment can put your safety – and the safety of others on the road – at risk." Williamson acknowledged that CTSS officers consider these checks a vital aspect of their daily duties as they patrol Saskatchewan's roads.   

The release broke down the most common violations seen since 2018. There have been 8,332 tickets and 43,817 warnings issued for cracked or damaged windshields. Another 13,332 tickets and 5,243 warnings have been issued for illegal window tint. Inadequate headlights, taillights, or turn signals have resulted in another 1,513 tickets and 9,508 warnings. There have been 191 tickets and 621 warnings for tires that are under-inflated, have low tread depth or feature exposed inner construction as well. 

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