An unexpected visit turned into a police escort out of town on Monday morning in Estevan.

The Estevan Police Service received numerous calls about a moose that was loose in the city.

Acting Sgt. Don Dechief said they were called mid-morning to the northwestern part of town near Pleasantdale and Sacred Heart Schools.

"It was a smaller moose, but it was in the school grounds, and just kind of moping around the area. As soon as we got that call, bylaw along with members went out there and escorted it out of town."

Dechief said they used patrol vehicles to try to guide it out of town. It didn't take long for the moose to turn its nose north and walk out of the city.

He said moose finding themselves in the city is something that happens periodically, and that he's seen elk running outside the city limits.

But a loose moose can turn into a volatile situation.

"If people do see a moose in around the city, don't approach it," said Dechief. "They can charge. We don't want to get in a situation where we have it cornered and it does something we don't want it to do."

Christine Massier, an administrator with Pleasantdale School, caught the following footage of the moose on the move.