Violence Prevention Week has been ongoing since, Monday, with the province highlighting programs that help curb violence.

Here in Estevan, Envision Counselling & Support Centre is kept busy by a wide variety of programs offered to residents.

Their counseling programs are also available in Weyburn, Oxbow, and Carlyle.

Assistant Executive Director Laura Melle says that the counseling they provide has been a long-lived resource.

"That is one of our core programs that we have offered for over 25 years in the southeast. We support victims of violence and abuse all across southeast Saskatchewan. "

"We do a number of different things, we offer counseling support for victims and their families," said Melle, "Who have experienced any kind of violence and abuse, and we also do outreach prevention trying to prevent new things occurring, just trying to spread awareness and also education on different topics."

Envision has been unfortunately busy helping out those struggling with violence, though having people reach out to them is a positive.

"Our numbers are high, and we support a number of different individuals and their families, which is good," said Melle, "We like to see people reaching out because that's why we're here." 

There are newer programs also part of Envision's services, with Melle hoping those can be improved with community feedback.

"We launched a new violence prevention program back in April funded through the ministry of justice so that new programming is slowly developing but it will be based on preventing new things from happening, spreading awareness, and educating the community."

Melle says that she's hopeful more people will reach out to Envision if they need support during tough times.

"Our goal is always to work ourselves out of a job, but I see that there is a need in the communities for these supports, and people are reaching out and accessing that and we encourage everyone to do that. Even if it's just for one counseling session or if they want a presentation at their workplace. Reach out, and we'll see what we can do to bridge some of the gaps in our community.