The spring football season is right around the corner, and the Estevan Viragos girls team continues to hone their skills.

Six members of the team attended a camp in Winnipeg this past weekend, which was hosted by the Winnipeg Wolfpack, a semi-pro team that plays in the Western Women's Canadian Football League.

"It was an awesome camp...they had three coaches out of California there," said Viragos Head Coach Mark Tribiger. "One of them, coach (DeChon) Burns, he coached for a few years with the Washington Redskins and then the Florida Gators in the NCAA Division I. I learned a lot from him, and the girls learned a lot from him as well."

"We had coaches from the Wolfpack praising our girls, and we were actually, in my opinion, looking better than some of the players on that team."

Tribiger also commented on how the camp was significant for his players' development.

"It's amazing, the stuff the girls took away from it was far above any other camp they've been to yet this year," he said. "When you have coaches coming in that this is their job to coach teams, you're going to learn a lot from them. Even the little stuff, it was the mechanics that they're taking away from it. You can see their game even starting to improve just after one day of being with these coaches."

Estevan ViragosPhoto credit: Mark Tribiger.

Tribiger said he hopes to have more of his players at the camp next year.

The Viragos will now prepare for the spring exhibition season against Moosomin coming up this June.

"After this camp, I know myself it rejuvenated me to want to get out and get going and put into play what we learned at this camp," Tribiger said. "We're going to be running spring season here...we're actually already starting on Sundays with conditioning camps."

"And then as soon as the snow's gone we're going to hit the field and get ready."