The Estevan Slo Pitch League regular season is winding down and the playoffs are just around the corner for both the A and B divisions.

"It went wasn't really a big factor this year and we had some pretty competitive game play," said Brendan Phillips, the vice president of the Estevan Slo Pitch League. "The A league it seemed like anyone could win any night, B league there were a couple more dominant teams than the rest of the field but it should be a pretty good two weekends of baseball here."

The B league had eight teams this season while the A league had nine teams. The B league playoffs take place this weekend while the A league playoffs will follow on the following weekend, both at Cossette Park.

"If you're looking for something to do to come pass the time this weekend, we're down at Cossette Field for both tournaments both this weekend and next weekend and come watch some slo pitch," Phillips said. "Maybe spend the weekend down at Woodlawn's camp sites if you have the availability to do that and come and enjoy some good slo pitch."

Phillips, who plays on a team and has been involved in the league since 2010, added that it's important for Estevan to have a league for people to enjoy.

"It just gets everybody to get away for an hour and a half a couple times a week, just to hang out with your friends and still have a little sense of competitiveness I guess," Phillips said.