The weather is warming up this week, which could lead to some melt from the copious amounts of snow in the southeast.

As temperatures skirt near the positive mark, sunshine will combine with that to create an unseasonably warm day.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Terri Lang explains that the melt could be a bit limited.

"There probably will be some melting, I think - the best conditions for melting are when it's sunny, temperatures are above freezing, and it's windy. Those are the types of conditions that really accelerate snow melt, so I think we'll see some melting for the day but probably not too much because we're getting just around that freezing mark."

As temperatures plunge back below freezing overnight, there could be a new hazard on the roads thanks to that melt.

"With the freezing coming and potential melting, people should be aware that that could ice the roads up a bit tonight, as that happens."

Some forecasts have been talking about freezing rain tomorrow that would freeze up roadways even more.

Lang says that while there's a chance, her models are showing that to be less likely.

"Well, there's a weak system moving across in Montana, and the southern sections are just getting nicked by it, so it looks like maybe a couple of centimeters of snow is possible. Risk of freezing rain, but it's not really all that well developed and we're not seeing it really widespread on the models, so just a slight risk.