A bitterly cold December and a pleasantly warm start to January have created good ice fishing conditions for fishermen across the southeast.

Both Rafferty and Boundary Dam are mostly frozen over with shacks and vehicles out on the ice.

Both reservoirs are good options during the winter months, according to Prairie Pro Outfitters guide Ralph Smart.

"We kind of switch back and forth just to try," Smart said. "But there's an unreal amount of fish populations in both reservoirs, and just with a little effort moving around, you should be able to get on them pretty darn good, and safely."

"Lots of safe ice, good hard ice right now. That severe cold made a lot of really good clear, thick ice in a hurry."

However, with that severe cold came a lot of snow, which has made travel conditions on the ice somewhat difficult, Smart said.

"I know guys are getting hung up and really have to pay attention to where they're driving, which is normal for out there anyway on both reservoirs," he said. "But if you have two vehicles which is what we like to travel with...if one guy does get stuck you can pull him back and kind of hunt and feel your way through it."

Smart also offered some tips for fishermen, particularly those who are after walleye.

"We try to get out there either at first light or that last hour, hour and a half, evening bite is really key for walleye," he said. "That's just when they have the advantage with their eye sight, and then they don't expend as much energy. It's a prime time to be out there."

He added that minnows and wax worms are primarily the bait of choice, and his go to colours for jigs are pink and orange.

He also encourages new anglers to seek the advice of more seasoned fishermen.

"My advice is to talk to guys too...even stop at a shack or two," Smart said. "See how they're making out. Everyone's willing to chat and let you know how they're making out. Especially for guys that are new to this area."

And he said that unlike other winter activities, ice fishing is relatively inexpensive.

"It does not take a lot of expensive equipment to get out ice fishing," he said. "Augers are reasonably priced, and these new pop up shelters are quick and easy to use. Propane heaters in them to keep warm, keep the kids entertained. It's a real social thing, this ice fishing. But very, very easy to do."

But Smart cautioned that safety is always the top priority when on the ice.

"Just try to stay safe on this water. There is springs on Raffety. Boundary don't go anywhere north from Yankee Point, it gets into iffy water, iffy ice out in that area," he said. "It's not necessary to catch fish by going out into uncharted water. Don't be the first guy down the ice road is what I always like to say, unless you are on a snowmobile or a quad or something. Follow established trails."

"Hopefully everyone has good luck out there."