The warmer weather has been a boon for some businesses as the southeast is going through an above-average winter.

Temperatures have been above average through December.

Estevan Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Jackie Wall has witnessed how that can affect customer behaviour.

"I was a business owner for several years and I did notice that obviously when the weather is really cold or really stormy people are less likely to want to go out and walk around and then travel. So weather does play a factor in businesses."

Wall says she particularly saw drops in business at times around Easter when she saw nasty weather pop up in the southeast.

The warm weather, which even helps out non-seasonal businesses, will also help out some local upcoming business events.

"This weekend we have Miracle on 4th Street happening and then in a few days the Woodlawn Regional Park is doing their Christmas event as well, so I expect both of those events are preparing for a lot more people to come out to be walking around, to be enjoying the nice weather and to to be outside.

Weather forecasts have been calling for an El Nino system to come in, which would create more consistent warm winters across Canada.

Wall says that that businesses will still have to be prepared for the worst even if there's a bit more warmth.

"We always know that January, February, and March are the wild cards as well. Initially, I would say that we're enjoying the warm weather. The rain and snowfall are always a concern, especially because we still have a very strong agriculture community and ag economy, so precipitation is going to be top of mind for a lot of people as we're looking at the next few months and the snowfall." 

Wall encourages everyone to go outside and enjoy community events in the warm while they can.

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