After a few days of extreme cold gripped the end of January and persisted into February, it looks like temperatures will be returning to moderate conditions.

the polar vortex that started off February dropped temperatures down into an extreme cold warning, and now that that's left above-average temperatures will fill things back in.

As well, conditions are set to clear soon which will bring both warmth and sunshine to what was a cold and dreary southeast.

But first, there's a chance conditions aren't all ideal over the weekend, explains Environment Canada Meteorologist Terri Lang.

"It does look like there should be a fair amount of sun just because most of the weather systems are passing farther to the north, but do expect some flurry activity looks like through the day later on Saturday, maybe on Sunday as well, so just something to keep in mind."

"The jet stream is quite active, just meaning it's going up and down. That doesn't mean that we won't get any cold outbreaks, and I think that we can certainly get those in February and it doesn't mean it won't get warm," said Lang, "So I think we're going to sort of see an up and down pattern for a lot fo February."

With those higher temperatures, it's very likely that some melt will be taking place, which will make roads more treacherous once that melt freezes up.

"Anything that goes below freezing, or close to freezing, it'll freeze those roads over. If there's any kind of melting that does happen during the day," said Lang, "Then it'll drop to be freezing at night so probably some black ice forming each of those nights."