After a week of dealing with extreme cold, with the warning finally going away, southeast residents have something to look forward to with warm weather coming in starting this weekend.

That comes after multiple nights of wind chill dipping near -40 temperatures and other harsh conditions.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Natalie Hasell explains just where the drop in temperature is coming from.

"The ridge that we are under right now, leaving the prairies, is slowly moving off and we should see the flow from the north switch to a totally different direction, and today and tomorrow will be quite a shift, but the marked difference is Sunday. That's the warmest day in the forecast right now."

While temperatures are going to approach the freezing mark, Hasell says we won't be seeing any freeze/thaw cycle like what was happening earlier in February.

Indeed, she says that roads are likely to improve over the next weeks thanks to the steady cold.

That'll also be helped by clear skies that'll move in along with the warmth, with no snow sighted for a while.

"Right now we don't see a lot of precipitation in the forecast, it's pretty sunny and clear in the public forecast. There might be some precipitation right after that," said Hasell, "So starting the first weekend of March, we do see signs of this just coming through the Estevan area and the southeast corner of the province."

Hasell reminds people that the next couple of nights will still be pretty cold, with below -30 degree wind chills and a risk of frostbite.