Southeastern Saskatchewan has seen considerable moisture during April, through two Colorado lows and an Easter-weekend snow storm. And the Water Security Agency is advising that there is potential for overland flooding in the extreme southeast corner of the province late this week and into next week.

"Warmer temperatures and rainfall forecast for the area later this week may result in a rapid melt of this snowpack that could produce high flows and localized overland flooding in the area," said the WSA in a release.

The WSA runs control structures in the area that can reduce flows on the Souris River and divert the water into the Rafferty, Boundary, and Grant Devine reservoirs. The agency says all reservoirs have additional storage capacity.

The area of concern is the corner of the province south of Highway 1 and east of Highway 47.

That includes Pipestone Creek, Moose Mountain Creek, Short Creek, and the Antler River and its tributaries, including Gainsborough, Lightning, Jackson, and Graham creeks.

A map of the described flood area

"The public is advised to stay back from, and off, waterways with fast moving water, particularly if it is carrying ice and debris. WSA also advises not to cross waters of unknown depths by foot or by vehicle.

"Where possible, it is recommended that steps be taken to protect personal property, including moving items to higher ground."

For information on applying for the WSA's Emergency Flood Damage Reduction Program (EFDRP), which assists residents and communities in flood-related challenges, you can click here.

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