The Water Security Agency (WSA) is working to advance more than 60 key water infrastructure projects in 2024-25 across the province.

The focus of these projects will be ensuring infrastructure supports are a sustainable, adaptable, and reliable water supply for Saskatchewan. 

"Water infrastructure is a major priority for our government, as it supports and provides water for domestic, industrial, recreational, and agricultural purposes," Minister Responsible for the Water Security Agency David Marit said in a recent release. "Our water management structures are vital to help us meet increasing water demands for a growing province." 

Of the $42 million budgeted this fiscal year, nearly $17 million is being invested in six major projects, including: 

  • Craven Dam: Fishway bulkheads and lifting system  

  • Buffalo Pound Dam: Emergency spillway upgrades 

  • East Side Pumpstation (Lake Diefenbaker): Substation upgrades 

  • Gardiner Dam: Public safety and operator safety upgrades (considered two projects) 

  • Moosomin Dam: Spillway Upgrades 

Other dam infrastructure projects are scheduled throughout many regions of the province. These areas include Cumberland House, Meadow Lake, Outlook, Craik, Cypress Hills, Swift Current, Lafleche-Val Marie, Humboldt-Watrous, Fort Qu'Appelle, Craven, Regina, Saskatoon, and Estevan which are in the preliminary planning stage or have already started.  

"These projects will be critical to ensure we can maintain resilient infrastructure that protects our communities and allows us to manage water during floods and droughts," Marit said. 

“SUMA and the cities, towns, villages, resort villages and northern municipalities that we represent, appreciate WSA's investment in upgrading water infrastructure,” SUMA President Randy Goulden said, “These structures are crucial to ensuring that our communities can enjoy a sustainable supply of water, especially during times of drought.”  

WSA has invested more than $280 million in maintenance since 2007. This includes upgrading and rehabilitation of water management structures across Saskatchewan. WSA owns and operates 72 dams and control structures, as well as a network of canals and conveyance channels across the province.