With a system bringing heavy rain to the southeast, Saskatchewan's Water Security Agency is looking to see if it could cause flooding.

The Colorado low that's moving into the province looks like it's going to come in sometime this evening and could stick around the area until Saturday.

That would result in a significant amount of water, both from the at times heavy rainfall, and the sustained nature of the storm.

forecast mapA Rainfall forecast Map (Photo courtesy of Water Security Agency)

WSA Spokesperson Sean Osmar explains just how much water the southeast is looking at.

"So we're expecting some significant precipitation and accumulations, particularly South of Highway 1. We're looking at 40 to 60 millimeters, so a couple of inches of rain there and in some portions up to 80 millimeters in some areas. The area we're really looking at is pretty much from Coronach to the Manitoba border up to about Kipling or so in that Triangle."  

Water levels could push high because of all that precipitation, but most reservoirs can handle the added stress.

"We're keeping an eye on things right now, we're monitoring it. We will see higher flows along some of the rivers, particularly the Wall Creek basin near Radville will see some higher flows, in the Surrey River basin from Rafferty Dam over to Bechard. We do have storage capacity in the major reservoirs there at Rafferty and Grant Devine," said Osmar, "But we're going to continue to monitor conditions as they develop and we'll provide updates as they develop and as they're needed."

It's likely that some localized flooding could take place in some areas thanks to the moisture.

"There's certainly potential for some localized flooding, agricultural lands or low areas. In those areas where we're going to see particularly high rainfall, the soil in the area is already fairly wet. We've had a lot of runoffs and whatnot down that area and so we're going to continue to watch it. We just advise the public flows can change pretty rapidly. So if you see if your river or other body water with some high flows, take precautions and just be advised of your surroundings and what's happening."