Boating season is here, and the Government of Saskatchewan reminds the public to stop at all provincial watercraft inspection stations encountered while travelling.

These stations aim to keep Saskatchewan free of Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS). Non-motorized equipment, including kayaks, canoes, and paddles, are considered watercraft and must undergo inspection.

Ensure your watercraft is cleaned: remove plants, animals, and mud from trailers, motors, and fishing equipment.

Drain all water and allow equipment to dry completely, ideally for five days before travel, leaving compartments open to aid drying. Dry-docking your watercraft reduces survival chances for many AIS species.

During transport, keep all plugs out and tilt the watercraft when stored. It's mandatory to remove drain plugs from all watercraft during transit.

Saskatchewan's fisheries regulations prohibit possession of AIS like zebra or quagga mussels, even if attached organisms are dead.

As of now, AIS has not been detected in Saskatchewan's waters.